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April 14, 2014

The message “love yourself” seems to be everywhere in modern culture - even in the church.  It’s a message that especially appeals to us as women. Today’s beauty and fashion industries promote a truly impossible standard for feminine beauty (i.e. “If you don’t look like a swimsuit model, you aren’t good enough... READ MORE

April 7, 2014

As Christians, we often spiritualize the idea of self-promotion.  After all, the more successful and popular we become, the better Christian witnesses we will be, right?  But surprisingly, that’s not God’s pattern at all.At the peak of John the Baptist’s ministry, Jesus started baptizing, and people began coming more to Jesus... READ MORE

March 31, 2014

God has entrusted us with the precious gift of time. Twenty four hours in every day; seven days in a every week; each day significant, each hour important, and each moment of value to God. How many of those moments are being spent on things that truly matter in light of eternity? Only when we are willing to give God the best hours of our day—rather... READ MORE

March 24, 2014

Tozer wrote, “The man [or woman] who would know God must spend time with Him.” What a simple and profound truth  - but one that is all too easy to forget amid the busyness of our daily lives!Most of us desire to know God more than we do. We sense our need for more of His presence and power in our daily lives. We feel an aching spiritual... READ MORE

March 13, 2014

Have you ever heard the voice of Discouragement whisper accusations to your soul? “You are a miserable failure,” he mocks.  “You aren’t doing anything right!  Look at all the mistakes you are making!”  Discouragement loves to point out all our imperfections and get us to wallow in doubt, depression, and self-pity... READ MORE

March 4, 2014

From eating disorders, to self-obsession, to provocative clothing, to unhealthy romantic flings, to pop culture preoccupation, today’s young women are desperately searching for feminine fulfillment - but looking in all the wrong places. Chasing after sensual allure, short-term romance, worldly applause, and temporary pleasure leads to the counterfeit... READ MORE

February 20, 2014

Many of us have been plagued by fretful “what if” scenarios throughout our lives.  What if I never get married?  What if my friends reject me?  What if I fail at work or school? What if I have financially difficulties?  What if I face persecution?  And the list goes on and on.As we trust in God’s protection, we can... READ MORE