Resources to Equip You for Set-Apart Living

Going Deeper - Sacred Creed from Set-Apart Feminity - Click Here to download PDFGoing Deeper - Cleaning Out the Sanctuary from Authentic Beauty - Click here to download the pdf

A Message from Leslie…

Several years ago I wrote a book for young women called Authentic Beauty – the focus of this book is building your life around Jesus Christ and cultivating a vibrant daily walk with Him. I wrote about my own journey as God challenged me to abandon my old life of selfish pursuits and worldly preoccupa-tions and embrace a Christ-focused existence. One of the most important things that God walked me through in that season was something I called “Cleaning out the Sanctuary” – the spiritual removal of all sinful baggage that I had allowed to pile up over the years; things that I had never made right or repented of that were hindering my intimacy with Jesus Christ. I have included the questions and prayers that I walked through during this inward cleansing process, in the hopes that it might help you in your own journey toward a Christ-centered existence. By no means is this “Cleaning the Sanctuary” material a formula or specific requirement for a vibrant walk with Christ. However, having a clean heart before God and repenting of our sins IS a requirement for unhindered intimacy with Christ. This resource is simply meant to be a tool toward that end. It may not be for everyone. But if you feel that there are things standing in the way of your relationship with Christ, you can allow these questions to serve as a guide as He gently purges away the dross of your old life and a patterns and gives the precious gift of a new heart, cleansed and redeemed, as white as snow. Truly, He is worthy, and truly, He is faithful!