Recommended Resources for Moms and leaders

Quick Help for Moms and Ministry Leaders

If you are a mom or leader desiring to acquaint teen girls with God's pattern for relationships, femininity and a set-apart life, our books were designed as resources for the journey. Here's some insight for how to use our books in these settings...

Purity and Guy/Girl Relationships:
The best book to start with is our classic, When God Writes Your Love Story – it’s fun to read and lays the foundation for God’s pattern in guy/girl relationships.  (Learn more about this book by clicking here) It’s appropriate for a variety of ages (younger teens and older singles) and our newest version of this book has discussion/study questions at the end of each chapter – specifically to aid in conversation and discussion for parent/teen or small group situations. 

A great follow-up book is our love story When Dreams Come True – again it’s easy to read and gives young people an inspiring, refreshing vision for what a God-scripted love story can look like.  If you are working with a young person who doesn’t especially enjoy reading, this is a great book to start with – since it reads like a novel and not a teaching book.  This book is appropriate for both younger teens and older singles. 

And finally Meet Mr. Smith is an inspiring vision for the beauty of God’s ways – it paints the concept of Purity in a whole new light.  Rather than being a drudgery or obligation, purity becomes a heroic, exciting vision that every young person desires after reading this book.  Again, this book is appropriate for both younger teens and older singles. 

Other Recommended Books on Purity:

  • Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot
  • Quest for Love by Elisabeth Elliot
  • And The Bride Wore White by Dannah Gresh
  • More Coming Soon!


Resources specifically for Parents:
Eric and I believe that every parent should read Teaching True Love – it gives a clear picture of the battle over our children’s purity and is filled with practical ways that you can pass along God’s pattern for relationships to your kids – even before they reach their teen years.  This would be a great book for any parent or small group leader to read while taking their teens through a weekly chapter-by-chapter study of When God Writes Your Love Story.


Other Recommended Books and Resources for Parents:
Dating, Courting and Choosing a Mate – What Works?  by Joey and Carla Link (order from  A great practical and thought-provoking teaching series for parents of teens. – this website has great products and resources for teaching younger girls about sex and purity

More Coming Soon!

Purity/Feminine Issues
Authentic Beauty and the companion Going Deeper Study Guide is a great resource for moms of teen/college girls and small group leaders – teaching young women how to find their satisfaction in Christ and build their lives around Him, rather than chasing after the things of the world.  Keep in mind that this book was written with an older audience in mind (16 – 24) so some the illustrations and stories might be considered too candid for a younger age group.  It really depends on the individual situation.  For a young woman who is in a public school situation, the stories will not be different from the things she encounters on a daily basis – but for one in a home-schooled environment, parents might want to read the book ahead of time and possibly pick-and-choose the sections that fit their daughter’s maturity/experience level.

Set Apart Femininity is an excellent resource for young women of any age group. It’s a powerful challenge to rise above cultural norms and embrace a radically poured-out life for Jesus Christ.  Deals with femininity, guy issues, purpose, life-direction, and many other poignant issues young women face.

Answering the Guy Questions is also a great resource for teen and college age young women.  Because it’s short and easy-to-read, it would make a good 3 or 4 week small group study.  It gets very specific and practical on issues such as guy/girl friendships, flirting, modesty, and physical boundaries in relationships, but again is appropriate for younger teens and older singles.