Devotionals from Leslie Ludy and the Set Apart Girl Team

An Endless Supply

“I will very gladly spend and be spent for your souls…” (2 Cor. 12:15 emphasis added.)It had been a long day, longer than usual. Yet another student had fallen ill at the discipleship training school I serve at … and it was far from pretty. Being a dorm mom, you assume a lot of “mom-type” responsibilities and tonight was just one of those nights. I could literally feel the last ounce of strength ebbing from my frame as I tried to fight the quickly-spreading virus with disinfectant and fever reducer.This mom-thing was hard.I was exhausted.And I just knew I... read the rest here.

This is the Day

It felt like one of those kinds of days… Everything seemed off from the moment I saw the sunlight peeking through the blinds. I woke up with a splitting headache after a night of little sleep, and the kids were having squabbles left and right. A cup of milk was spilled all over the freshly washed table runner and an unexpected, but urgent, obligation arose that had to somehow be fit into the already full schedule. And upon going to start a load of laundry from our bulging baskets, I discovered a forgotten load in the washer from the day before that had to be re-washed. It seemed... read the rest here.

A Heart in Full Bloom

The April sunshine was tipped with the faintest hint of chill – perfect weather for a brisk walk around the block. I laced up my tennis shoes and fell into step, noticing the friendly dandelions dotting the border of the road as I went. I breathed a silent prayer of gratitude for the simple joys in life as I rounded the corner. One of the details that thrilled my heart was seeing the clusters of demure violets that always seemed to grow in between the cracks of the pavement. It reminded me of a story I had read years ago in the treasured devotional, Streams in the Desert: A story... read the rest here.

Abandon Anxious Thoughts

My afternoon nap ended abruptly as I awoke to a constriction in my chest, difficulty breathing, and a general sense of panic flooding through my body. “Something’s wrong…” was all I could say to my husband before I began to weep uncontrollably. I sat on the edge of the bed trying to calm down. I tried taking deep breaths to still my swirling mind … but my chest just felt tighter and tighter. I couldn't stop crying. My husband took my hand and prayed with me, and as I listened, I suddenly knew that the physical constriction I felt was the result of unchecked... read the rest here.

All for His Glory

It was a sunny afternoon, and I had just gotten my kids down for their naps. The house was in pretty good shape, and I had a little bit of time to spend just being quiet before I needed to move on to my next task. I got comfy on my favorite corner of our couch and reached for my phone. “I’ll just check my Instagram and Facebook again for a few minutes,”  I thought to myself. But as did, I felt a little twinge of conviction, knowing I had already spent the time I had allotted for that day, and there was really not a good reason to get back on social media. I knew there... read the rest here.

The Radiance of the Redeemed

When I think about the most beautiful women I know, the faces of beloved mentors and dear friends fill my mind, each one having influenced my life in a meaningful way through their love and kindness, and most of all their givenness to Christ. Gayle’s tenderness, thoughtfulness, and warm countenance. Lynn’s prayerfulness, wisdom, and edifying expressions of love. Eileen’s easy company and infectious, fun-loving nature. Sydney’s radiant faith and encouraging words. The special women in my life are marked with love for God and love for people. They are devoted... read the rest here.

Giving Joy Brings Joy

I stepped hesitantly out of the rented van, gazing uncertainly at the unfamiliar surroundings.  The sweltering July air was oppressively humid and it was hard to breathe.  The run-down New Orleans neighborhood was dismal and poor.  Dirty children roamed the street unsupervised, and loud music and televisions boomed from the dilapidated houses.I was seventeen, and had come to New Orleans with my mom and some other church members to help lead a vacation Bible school.  Now, I wondered if I could really handle being here for an entire week.  As we entered the house where... read the rest here.

Embracing the Pruning Seasons

I stared at the young sapling in front of me with a quizzical expression, trying to figure out exactly how to take the information I gleaned from the internet and translate it into working knowledge. You see, I had purchased two young cherry trees, they were planted in the backyard, and now came the baffling task of pruning them. My head buzzed as I tried to translate what the simple drawings online illustrated into what I saw before me. It had seemed so clear in the pictures! Though I was baffled by the arrangement of twigs and branches in front of me, researching the tree pruning... read the rest here.

In Our Weakness

It had been a long night. I slowly opened my eyes and tried to collect my very groggy mind. My toddler was in the throws of teething, and needed mommy’s comfort until the wee hours of the morning. My voice was abnormally hoarse, my right eye was very swollen, and to top it off, I was supposed to lead worship in just a couple of hours. Needless to say, I was not feeling at all prepared, either physically or mentally, to do so. But, there was no going back now – it was too late to find someone to fill in for me. So as I got ready, I laid myself before the Lord. I felt very keenly... read the rest here.

Going to Jail - A God-Given Compassion

“Gulp! Did I really sign up for this!” I thought nervously as I walked through the white-washed halls of the county jail. The jail chaplain and one of the deputies took a group of us through the sterile rooms, showing where the inmates were housed and explaining a few other jail procedures so we would know what to expect. In just a few weeks I would be entering the jail with a team of 3 others to start a Bible study in “Unit 2,” a housing composed of a mix of medium to high security women.  To be honest, I never thought I’d be doing jail ministry. Ever... read the rest here.